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Amid Boycott Cadbury Trend, Netizens Claim Beef In Products. Read Company’s Old Statement

Boycott Cadbury: The well-known chocolate company Cadbury has received criticism in India for their current Diwali promotion, which caused the hashtag #BoycottCadbury to become popular on Twitter. This is not the first time that a brand’s marketing, such as Cadbury’s, has come under fire. The new Cadbury campaign, according to Twitter users, is contentious because it depicts a poor lamp vendor named “Damodar,” who is purportedly modelled after the father of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Amid calls for boycott, some Twitter users are also sharing a screenshot where Cadbury has listed beef as an ingredient.

‘Boycott Cadbury’ trends on Twitter

Sadhvi Prachi, a VHP leader, shared the Cadbury advertising and expressed her displeasure with the usage of “Damodar” as the name of a struggling lamp vendor, stating that it was done to “put someone with PM Narendra Modi’s father’s name in terrible light.” Sadhvi Prachi tweeted, “Chaiwale ke baap diyewala,” as many others began to demand for a boycott of Cadbury products in India.

Netizens React

Sadhvi’s take on the advertisement has reacted mixed responses from the netizens. While some call it blatant claim, others have called it a plotted scheme.

“Shame on this advertisement ! Shame on Cadbury company!” one internet user tweeted.

A user wrote, “The name of the lamp seller could also have been “Rajiv, Jawahar, or Pappu”, but these advertising companies, with very careful planning, sometimes target Hinduism and sometimes Hindu traditions.”

One of the internet users also stood against the boycott. “This has crossed the limits, ma’am. If you boycott like this, then people will not take you seriously. I did not understand what was in the advertisement that hurt the feelings,” the user said.

“According to this aunty every person whose name is damodar is modi’s father #boycottcadbury,” another user mentioned.

The Beef in Cadbury Controversy

Other than the advertisement, the British brand is also garnering controversy after a snapshot of ingredients present in its product was shared. . It said, “Please note, if any of our Australian products contain gelatine in the ingredients, the gelatine we use is halal certified and derived from beef.”

However, Cadbury had already issued a statement clearing the beef claim. In 2021, the confectionary company had shared a statement that read: “The screenshot shared in the Tweet is nnot related to Mondelez products manufactured in India. All the products manufactured and sold in India are 100 per cent vegeterian. The green dot on the wrapper signifies that.

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