Amit Shah’s Bold Declaration in Prayagraj Rally, Says ‘PoK Belongs to Us, We’ll Take It Back’

Amit Shah

Amit Shah: Today, Union Home Minister Amit Shah traveled to the Uttar Pradesh district of Prayagraj as part of his election campaign. At the public meeting, he declared, “We are not afraid of Pakistan’s atomic bomb.” Pok belongs to us, and we’ll accept it. He said that members of Congress claim Pakistan possesses an atomic weapon. We are not afraid of his bombs, but you should be.

Amit Shah’s Allegations of Alliance Destruction

Amit Shah attacked the opposition, claiming that the Indian alliance was destroyed. Ram temple was opposed by the Congress and SP. The only thing that worries the opposition are infiltrators. While our government has eradicated terrorism and naxalism, Congress has encouraged both of these movements. Amit Shah praised Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, saying that he had destroyed the mafia.

Amit Shah’s Bold Assertion in Prayagraj Rally

Union HM Amit Shah speaks at a public gathering in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, saying,”Rahul Baba, I am saying this on the pious land of Prayagraj, PoK is ours, will be ours and we will take it back. You kept Article 370 for 70 years, but people voted for PM Modi and he abrogated it.”

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