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Bharat Biotech to compensate beneficiaries who suffer adverse events due to covaxin

Today marks one of the glorious days that will be written down in history as India starts its vaccination drive against novel coronavirus which has claimed lives, thrashed economy and changed the world as we knew it.

India have two vaccines — Covishield by Serum Institute and Covaxin by Bharat Biotech — that will be administered over 3,000 sites across the country. Beneficiaries who will be inoculated will not get to choose between the two vaccines. However, of late, Covaxin’s safety has been question over its late-stage trials’ analysis which is yet to be submitted. While the company CEO has assured the safety, the fear revolving the vaccine’s efficacy still surrounds. Now, in the latest, it has been reported that Bharat Biotech will pay a compensation to the beneficiaries if they suffer any serious adverse event that is proven to be casually related to the vaccine.

The compensation point was outlined in the form shared with vaccinations centres on Friday, as reported by Times of India. According to the report, the beneficiaries would be provided care in government designated and authorised centres or hospitals if any adverse events are reported after administering the vaccine. While purchasing the vaccines from the manufacturer, government had highlighted that the companies shall be liable for all the adversities, if any.

Beneficiaries who will take Covaxin shot will have to sign a consent form as it has been approved for restricted use in emergency situations and is supposed to be given in clinical trial mode, the report added.

Earlier, Union Ministry had released a statement by 49 doctors and scientists assuring the safety of the covishield and covaxin. Meanwhile, 13 scientists had issued an independent statement asking Bharat Biotech to release data from their phase 3 clinical trials.

India will start the inoculation drive today with Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurating the event via a virtual ceremony. Meanwhile, India’s daily covid-19 tally has also fallen in last few months as there are lower than 3 lakh active cases in the country currently.

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