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Chandrayaan-3: 14-Day Wait for Vikram and Pragyan’s Wake-Up Call, ISRO Chief Explains

The Vikram lander and Pragyaan rover on the surface of the Moon are expected to resume operations in 14 days, according to ISRO Chairman S. Somnath.

Chandrayaan-3: Till the next moonset on October 6, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will keep trying to revive the Vikram lander and Pragyaan rover. A day after the sun rose on the lunar surface, ambitious attempts to launch the bonus phase of the Chandrayaan-3 mission were stepped up, according to ISRO scientists on Saturday. But according to ISRO Chairman S. Somnath, it is impossible to predict with certainty when communication with these equipment would resume.

The Challenge of Extreme Cold on the Moon

Somnath said, ‘We don’t know when he will wake up. It could happen tomorrow, or it could even happen on the last day of the lunar day. But we are trying. If the lander and rover wake up, it will be a big achievement.’ According to a story in the “Hindustan Times,” it is expected that the lander and rover may awaken after spending a lunar night in total darkness at temperatures as low as minus 200 to minus 250 degrees Celsius. will not do anything. The batteries that store the electricity for these gadgets are harmed by such low temperatures. It is interesting to notice that 14 days and nights on Earth are equivalent to one day and one night on the Moon.

Anticipating Lander Vikram and Rover Pragyan’s Resurrection

But as the Moon’s day goes on and its surface temperature rises, experts are hopeful that lander Vikram and Rover Pragyan’s chances of waking up will rise as well. Earlier, ISRO Chief Somnath claimed that while the lander Vikram had not undergone the same tests as the rover to ensure its survival in extreme cold. He said that the rover had undergone extensive testing. However, Pragyan and Vikram’s designs share a lot of similarities. This implies that Vikram should respond favourably to the same tests that Pragyan did.

Restarting Lander Vikram and Rover Pragyan

On Friday, ISRO recommenced its efforts to awaken the Chandrayaan-3 lander and rover at the appointed hour. The instruments that had been turned off around 14 days earlier in anticipation of the night on the Moon were thought to be able to be powered again by sunlight at that time. The batteries were turned off once they had fully charged. Additionally, the solar panels were installed such they receive light as soon as the sun rises. In order to be reawakened if the receivers could endure the cold temperatures, their receivers were also left on. so that new tests might begin during the following 14 days.

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