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HomeNATIONChhattisgarh officer suspended, another faces paycut after dam water drained for smartphone

Chhattisgarh officer suspended, another faces paycut after dam water drained for smartphone

After 21 lakh litres of water were drained from a reservoir for three days in order to recover an expensive phone, one Chhattisgarh government official was suspended, while another faces a pay cut.

Rajesh Vishwas explained that he had authorization from a top authority and that the water was useless for irrigation when he dropped his phone, which was valued Rs 96,000, into the 15-foot-deep water.

The phone could not be retrieved, so Vishwas, a food officer, used a 30-horsepower pump to empty the reservoir’s water. 21 lakh litres of water, enough to irrigate 1,500 acres of farmland, were lost during the three-day endeavour. The misplaced phone was found by the officer, but it had been submerged in water for three days and wasn’t functional.

More details about the incident

Rajesh Vishwas dropped his Samsung S23 phone into deep water while snapping a selfie while on vacation at the Kherkatta Paralkot reservoir in the Kanker district.

To retrieve the pricey phone, he made contact with the irrigation division. According to Vishwas, he was given authority to release water from the dam that was 15 feet deep and was just 3 to 4 feet deep.

When the issue was brought to light, it was discovered that the water level had dropped by more than 10 feet. Rajesh Vishwas, however, claimed that his efforts to use diesel pumps to drain “waste water” cost him just Rs 8,000 and had no negative effects on any farmers. He eventually found his phone, which he claimed contained “important contacts,” but it was no longer functional.

The top official who verbally allowed the water to be drained, RC Dhivar, the sub-divisional officer (SDO) of the water resources department, is now in the dock with Vishwas. As a result of the massive water waste during the height of the summer, Vishwas has been suspended and Dhivar has been told to make amends. A day after receiving the request, the SDO must respond; otherwise, disciplinary action would be taken.

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