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China may take inspiration from Russia’s Ukraine war to launch an attack on LAC; Former USA Defense Secretary Jim Mattis

While speaking at the Panel discussion on “The Old, the New, and the Unconventional; Assessing Contemporary Conflicts” during the 8th edition of the Raisina Dialgue, Former US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis expressed concerns that China is keeping a close tabs on the Russian Offensive in Ukraine. He also stated that if Russia’s special operations over Ukraine succeed, and then China would be embolden to launch attack on Line of Actual Control (LAC) with India.

Jim Mattis expresses concern over China

During eth address of Jim Mattis, Chief of Defense Staff General Anil Chauhan and Australia Chief of Defense Staff General Angus Fraser were in attendance. To a question whether the United States is prepared to tackle China, Mattis stated that US is prepared.

US would support and standby Ukraine in its need of hour

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Ukraine pushing back Russian forces

Former US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis stated that US will staunchly continue to support Ukraine against Russia. He also stated that China is watching Ukraine conflict closely and added that if Russia is successful in its invasion of Ukraine, then China will be emboldened and confident to attack Indian positions on LAC, China.

Mattis also stated that with the funding assistance from the Western countries, Ukraine is able to push back the Russian troops from its territory. Otherwise Russia would have had steam rolled Ukrainian positions in three. Also stated that Western Funding to Ukrainian Troops have enabled it to withstand Russian attacks.

Mattis stated that ”We are seeing Russia wither,” 

Regarding talks of Nuclear Threats, former US Secretary stated that

 ”We hear cavalier talk by Putin on nuclear weapons. The politburo of the old Soviet Union never did it,” 

”we need to go back to the Nuclear arms control treaty.”

Australia Chief of Defence Staff General Angus Campbell Fraser has stated that Russia-Ukraine war was is illegal and also stated that it was the war is a violation of integrity of a sovereign nation. Former US Defence Secretary JIM Mattis stated that if India becomes stronger militarily , the calmer situation would be around the world.

Regarding lessons learnt during Russia Ukraine War , General Anil Chauhan said there are many , but all are not universally applicable.

Chief of Defense Staff Anil Chauhan stated,

“We have to see what is applicable to Indian context.”

We have to be self- reliant, is the biggest lesson,”

Mattis also stated that Indian Army needs new technologies to remain strong , this will help making the world a calmer place, than ever it was.

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