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Covid: New variants can lead to third wave, genome sequencing in focus

The third wave of the Corona has not yet been ruled out. The government’s more emphasis is now on genome sequencing so that the size, behavior and type of the virus, i.e. their variants, can be properly understood. Antibodies have been found in two-thirds of the country’s population, but one-third are still at risk.

Behind the second wave was the role of the Delta variant. Now ahead of the third wave, we are looking at mutations in the virus and the new variants that come with it. So the emphasis is on genome sequencing. Now after 28 labs, there are plans to add private sector labs as well for genome sequencing, a source told NDTV.

So far 41 thousand genome sequencing has been performed. Of which, 17 thousand from Kerala and 10 thousand from Maharashtra have been done. When cases are declining, positive samples from different districts of the country are similarly challenged.

New variants behind the third wave and bypassing the antibodies made in the body are being seen as the reason. Dr. Sanjay Rai, President of the Indian Public Health Association, says, “There is always a mutation in this type of RNA virus. Which mutation came when, how fast it is growing, can be detected only when genome sequencing is done. ‘

The 5% target of genome sequencing will now be met as the number of cases is dwindling. Not only this, the decline in the resistance of the population will also invite the third wave.

A group of researchers and experts believe that antibodies remain in the body for 6 to 10 months. But the experience of Delhi in the second wave shows that the antibody started falling in 100-125 days. The more severe the infection from the virus, the more antibodies are produced in the body. If there are fewer antibodies in the body, it falls just as fast. Once an infection occurs, there is no scope for a serious infection.

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