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CSDS Youth Survey: Unemployment Dominates Concerns, Career Aspirations Revealed

In the most recent survey conducted by Lokniti-CSDS, focusing on the youth aged 15 to 34, several insights regarding their concerns, aspirations, and employment status were revealed. The survey was carried out across 18 states and included a total of 9,316 participants who were part of the middle-class demographic. The primary objective of the survey was to gauge the opinions and viewpoints of this youth population on various pressing issues.

The survey results indicated that 36% of the respondents identified unemployment as the most significant problem faced by the country

In comparison, 16% cited poverty, and 13% expressed concerns about inflation. Notably, the percentage of young individuals considering unemployment as a major issue has risen by 18% compared to a similar survey conducted in 2016. Furthermore, the percentage of respondents emphasizing inflation as a pressing concern has also increased by 7%.

Delving deeper into the data, it was observed that among those surveyed, 49% claimed to have some form of employment. This included 40% with full-time jobs and 9% working part-time. About 23% were self-employed, while 16% were engaged in professions such as medicine or engineering. Agricultural work was pursued by 15%, and 27% were involved in unskilled labor. A mere 6% held government positions.

When questioned about their preferred career paths, approximately 16% of respondents expressed a desire to work in the health sector, aspiring to be doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals. The education sector appealed to 14% of the participants, while 10% showed interest in science, technology, and entrepreneurship. A smaller portion, 6%, regarded government jobs as their top priority.

Across different demographic segments, the survey revealed varying concerns. For example, 40% of those with a higher education level, such as graduates, deemed unemployment as the most significant challenge. In contrast, 27% of less-educated individuals shared this sentiment. Additionally, 42% of male participants considered unemployment a major problem, while 31% of females held the same view. Among respondents from low-income backgrounds, poverty and inflation were the primary concerns.

Overall, the survey highlighted the prevailing concerns and aspirations of the youth population in the country. The findings underscored the prominence of unemployment as a pressing issue, particularly among the middle-class demographic, and shed light on the shifting attitudes and preferences of the youth towards various career paths.

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