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Deepfake: Centre Issues Advisory to Social Media Platforms on AI-Deepfakes and Compliance

In response to rising concerns over AI-deepfakes, the Centre has issued an advisory on Tuesday, directing all social media platforms to adhere to existing IT rules. The advisory specifically targets intermediaries, including digital and social media platforms, urging them to effectively communicate prohibited content as outlined in the IT Rules.

Key Highlights of the Advisory:

  1. Clear and Precise Communication: Social media platforms are mandated to clearly and precisely communicate prohibited content specified under IT Rules to users. This includes incorporating such information in terms of service, user agreements, and conveying it explicitly to users during the first registration. Regular reminders, especially during login and information uploading/sharing, are also emphasized.
  2. Awareness of Penal Provisions: Users must be made aware of the penal provisions of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) 1860, the IT Act, 2000, and any other relevant laws applicable in case of violations specified under Rule 3(1)(b) of the IT Rules.
  3. Legal Reporting Obligations: The terms of service and user agreements should explicitly highlight that intermediaries and platforms have an obligation to report legal violations to law enforcement agencies under relevant Indian laws applicable to the context.

Context and Significance:

The advisory aims to address the challenges posed by AI-deepfakes by ensuring a transparent and informed environment for social media users. By emphasizing communication and user awareness, the Centre seeks to enhance compliance with IT Rules and reinforce the legal responsibilities of intermediaries.

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