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Diwali 2023: Golden Hours! Unlocking Prosperity with Shubh Muhurat on Dhanteras

Commence Diwali with celebrating Dhanteras, a festival linked to wealth and prosperity.

Diwali 2023: Dhanteras, the festival that formally begins the five-day Diwali celebrations, is rapidly approaching. The festival is the ideal time to purchase, invest in, and give gold and other valuables as gifts because the words “dhan” and “teras” denote riches and the thirteenth day of the month of Kartik, respectively. Purchasing gold, silver, utensils, cars, brooms, and other home objects that are supposed to bring wealth, luck, and blessings to the family is also regarded as auspicious.

Significant Dates of Diwali

Dhanteras falls on November 10 this year. November 11 is Narak Chaurdashi, also known as Chhoti Diwali; on November 12 is Badi Diwali, also known as Diwali Puja; on November 13 is Gowardhan Puja; and on November 14 is Bhai Dooj. Purchasing gold is very important on Dhantrayodashi because it is regarded as a sign of riches and prosperity and is believed to bring luck and stability. Purchasing gold is also thought to be a long-term profitable investment. People purchase it on this day for this purpose. Two days prior to the Festival of Lights, another fortunate day to purchase gold, is Dhanteras.

When to buy gold on November 10

If you intend to purchase gold on November 10th, the shubh muhurat is from 12:35 pm onwards, in honour of Dhanteras. Between November 10th and November 11th, in the afternoon, until 1:57 pm, you can purchase gold.

When to buy gold on November 11

If you decide to go gold shopping on November 11, you can buy gold between 6:40 am and 1:57 pm.

Dhanvantari Jayanti Celebration

On Dhanteras, people also commemorate Dhanvantari Jayanti, which is the celebration of Lord Dhanvantari, who made an appearance towards the end of Samudra Manthan, or the churning of the ocean by devas and asuras, carrying a pot full of amrit, or elixir. It is stated that the Hindu God of healing and Ayurvedic medicine is Lord Dhanvantari. Since they are regarded as the deity and goddess of riches, goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber are also revered on this day.

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