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Farmani Naaz: former participant on the Indian Idol show angers Deoband ulemas for singing Lord Shiva bhajans

Farmani Naaz: A resident of a village in the Ratanpuri area of Muzaffarnagar, recently drew the ire of clerics in Deoband when one of her bhajans on Lord Shiva was extensively played in Kanwar Yatra.

“Everyone has the right to carry out their work because we live in a democracy. Who is stopping Farmani Naz from singing? No fatwa has been issued against her. However, I would like to point you that bhajans for other religions are prohibited by our religion. Both Shariah and Islamic principles are violated by this “, according to Maulana Ishaq Gora of Deoband.
Mufti Asad Qasmi, another preacher from Deoband, stated: “Every genre of music is forbidden in Islam. It is a grave sin for any Muslim to do so. Such songs should not be sung by Muslims. Even though she is a Muslim, Farmani Naaz sings bhajans. She ought to refrain from doing this and seek God’s pardon “.

In 2017, Naz married Imran Ahmad from the Meerut village of Hasanpur. However, their union was marred by domestic conflict, and to make matters worse, her infant son developed a throat condition for which her in-laws put pressure on her to bring more money from home. Even with her, the man was disloyal.

Naz moved back to her hometown of Mohammadpur Maafi in Muzaffarnagar because the constant pressure and mistreatment had made her uneasy. There, a young person overheard her singing and recorded her voice to post on social media.
There might be no going back. She later competed on Indian Idol 2021. She claims, “The only reason I sing is for my baby, and that’s all that counts to me.” I won a golden ticket on Indian Idol, but I had to leave the competition because my son needed surgery, the contestant claimed.

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When informed that Ulemas do not approve of her line of work, she responded, “I live in a Muslim-dominated village, and nobody has yet objected to my singing there. I’m not sure which Maulana objected because nobody came up to me “.

Although she loved to sing as a child, she was unable to pursue her passion because her parents disapproved of it. My parents got me married when I was an adult, but my husband was disloyal to me. He engaged in extramarital relations. In addition, I received frequent requests to provide more cash. My son is 4 years old. We reside in the village with my mother and brother. Two years ago, my first song video (Milo Na Tum To Hum Ghabraye Milo to Aankh Churay) was released by my brother Farman Khan and his buddy Rahul, and it received positive feedback. That initial song was viewed and enjoyed by millions of people. We have produced other song videos since then and posted them to YouTube.

Fatima Begum, her mother, stated: “Farmani Naaz is gifted and uses song to raise her child. She just recorded a song for the Kanwar yatra. People always complain that a Muslim girl is singing, but they fail to realise that she also needs to take care of her son. She performs Namaz, sings a variety of songs, raises her child and earns a living at the same time. She sings bhajans, Qawalis, and other songs as well.”

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