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Former PM Manmohan Singh Supports Modi Government’s Stand on Russia-Ukraine War

Manmohan Singh praised India's stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, emphasised India's role in the evolving global order and advocated for restraint in foreign policy for political gain,

Manmohan Singh: Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has lauded the position taken by the Modi government on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, affirming that India’s approach of prioritising its sovereign and economic interests while advocating for peace is the right course of action. India has consistently emphasised the importance of peaceful dialogue as the primary means to resolve the Ukraine crisis.

Manmohan Singh’s comments held significance as global leaders gathered in Delhi for the G20 Summit scheduled for September 9-10. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, which has persisted since February 2022, is anticipated to be a central topic of discussion during the summit.

What did Manmohan Singh say?

During an interview, Manmohan Singh discussed the evolving international landscape, emphasising the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the geopolitical tensions between Western nations and China. He underlined India’s significant role as a peaceful democracy with strong constitutional values and a burgeoning economy in shaping this emerging global order.

Manmohan Singh, who held the position of Prime Minister from 2004 to 2014, expressed his perspective, stating that he was “more optimistic about India’s future than worried,” but he also highlighted that this optimism is “contingent on India being a harmonious society.”

Manmohan Singh speaks on foreign policy

He also emphasised the equal importance of exercising restraint when using diplomacy and foreign policy, cautioning against their use for a party or personal political purposes. He pointed out that India’s global standing should indeed be a subject of domestic political consideration, but it should not be exploited for partisan advantage.

The former Prime Minister commented on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s decision not to attend the G20 Summit, describing it as “unfortunate.” He expressed optimism that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his successor, would take the requisite measures to safeguard India’s territorial and sovereign integrity while working to de-escalate bilateral tensions.

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