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From AI Deepfake and Health to UPI, PM Modi & Bill Gates Discuss Impact of Technology on Mankind

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bill Gates Discuss AI, Healthcare, and Climate Change

PM Modi and Bill Gates

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a meeting with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. They discussed several important issues during their conversation. Among the main topics discussed between them were artificial intelligence (AI), climate change, digital infrastructure, UPI (Unified Payments Interface), healthcare, education, and women empowerment.

The Role of India in the AI Revolution

Prime Minister Modi emphasized the significance of AI, citing the G20 Summit as an example where he mentioned presenting AI-based solutions for better language interpretation to improve communication. He informed Bill Gates about how AI was used for translating his speeches at the Kashi Tamil Sangamam. However, while expressing concerns about AI, PM Modi stated that its misuse poses significant risks, especially when used by inadequately trained individuals. He suggested that having clear watermarks on AI-generated content could help prevent misinformation.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates discussed digital public infrastructure in India. He praised technologies like UPI and Aadhaar, highlighting how the country is improving its technological landscape and progressing towards prosperity.

Vaccine for Cervical Cancer

During the conversation, Prime Minister Modi praised scientists for their efforts in developing COVID-19 vaccines. He also stated that in the upcoming campaigns, his aim is to prioritize the affordable vaccination of women against cervical cancer to ensure their safety. PM Modi said, “In the future, I am planning to allocate funds for cervical cancer research for the welfare of young girls. My goal is to vaccinate all girls in our country at a minimum cost, ensuring they are protected from cancer.”

Prime Minister Modi Expressed Concern about Deepfake Videos

During the discussion with Prime Minister Modi, Bill Gates inquired about the use of AI and deepfakes, to which Narendra Modi responded, “Challenges have emerged due to the lack of training in AI. If something is AI-generated, it should be clearly mentioned beforehand that it is AI-generated. Take deepfakes, for example, some people are misusing others’ voices for malicious activities.” He further stated, “If someone uses my fake voice, it could cause a huge uproar. Therefore, it is essential to mention if AI is used.”

PM Modi on Achievement in the Education Sector

Prime Minister Modi reiterated his commitment to providing the best education to children. He said, “I want to provide the best education to children. I aim to address the shortage of teachers through technology. Secondly, children are interested in visuals, storytelling. That’s why I am working towards creating such content. So that children engage, I have conducted some surveys and observed that children are enjoying it thoroughly.”

PM Modi on Climate Change

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stresses the importance of focusing on Green GDP to measure economic growth. He suggests that countries should figure out how much of their GDP comes from eco-friendly activities. He also highlights India’s attention on renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and green hydrogen.

Focus on Healthcare and Rural Empowerment

Prime Minister Modi talks about India’s efforts in healthcare. He mentions the Ayushman Arogya Mandir scheme, which helps people in cities and villages get good healthcare. He also talks about programs like Namo Drone Didi and Lakhpati Didi. These programs help women in rural areas by using new technology to make their lives better.

Prime Minister Modi Presents ‘Vocal for Local’ Gift Hamper to Bill Gates

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a special gift to philanthropist Bill Gates when they met at the Prime Minister’s house in New Delhi. The gift was a collection of items promoting local Indian products. It included pearls and small clay statues representing India’s culture from Tamil Nadu. Also in the gift were a Pashmina Shawl and saffron from Kashmir, and Darjeeling tea and Nilgiri tea.

When giving the gift, PM Modi explained that the pearls were from Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, also known as the Pearl City. He praised the local fishermen for their great work in cultivating pearls. PM Modi wanted to share these treasures with Bill Gates during their meeting.

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