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Good News: First glass bridge of Bihar is ready in Rajgir, will start by 2021

Bihar’s first glass bridge at Rajgir, an international tourist destination in Nalanda district of Bihar.

The second glass bridge of the country and the first glass bridge in Bihar have been ready in Rajgir of Nalanda district of Bihar. In the new year it will be opened to the general public. Construction of Nature Safari Park is also being done along with Zoo Safari Park at Glass Bridge.

It seems to spread the natural beauty of Rajgir of Bihar. People of Bihar can come and enjoy nature by visiting here. To visit the Zoo Safari Park here, this bridge seems very beautiful around which a variety of animals are seen, as well as the Central Zoo Authority has also recognized this, under which it is common in 2021 It will be opened to the public and then all the elderly and children will be able to come here and enjoy nature.

In this Zoo Safari Park, on the lines of state-of-the-art China, a glass bridge is being built at the Zoo Safari Park in Rajgir, Bihar, whose work is almost completed, on top of which you will feel thrilled walking along with the state-of-the-art ropeway Construction is also being done which will be opened to the general public very soon.

This glass bridge is built on the lines of a 120 meter high glass bridge in Hangzhou province of China. The bridge is being decorated with Venuban.

While walking on this bridge, you will be able to easily see the earth beneath your steps.

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