Good News! Get a New Electricity Connection in Just 3 Days, Check Changed Ministry Rules Here

New Electricity Connection

New Electricity Connection: The nation’s guidelines for obtaining a new electrical connection have now been modified. The Power Ministry provided information on this on Friday, stating that new energy connections will now be accessible in rural areas in 15 days, in municipal areas in 7 days, and in urban areas in 3 days.

Loosening Regulations for Rooftop Solar Units

The regulations for solar units erected on rooftops have also been loosened, according to language news. According to the Power Ministry, the Electricity (Consumer Rights) Rules, 2020 have been amended in accordance with this approval by the government.

The news claims that residents of multi-story apartments now have the option to select the kind of connection they want, as per the new regulation. In residential societies, separate invoicing for backup generators and common areas has been guaranteed, ensuring transparency. In the event that a customer files a complaint, the modified rule also allows for the inspection of metres installed by distribution firms to confirm the amount of electricity consumed.

Swift New Power Connections

According to Union Power Minister RK Singh, the government prioritises the interests of its citizens. Keeping this in mind, modifications have been made to the rules. The minister announced that the time frame for obtaining a new power connection has been shortened from thirty days to fifteen days in rural areas, from seven days to three days in metropolitan areas, and from fifteen days to seven days in other municipal corporation areas. Nonetheless, the 30-day window for establishing new connections or changing current ones would still apply in rural and hilly regions.

Simplified Solar Installations

As per the report, the government has expedited and simplified the process of installing solar systems on rooftops with the new regulations. The ministry declared that solar systems up to 10 kW would not need a technical feasibility study. The study period has been shortened from 20 to 15 days for more than this. Furthermore, the study will be deemed authorised even if it is not finished in the allotted period.

The government stated that the revised laws have taken electric vehicles into consideration. Customers can now choose to charge their electric cars (EVs) separately if they so choose. Residents of residential colonies, multi-story buildings, cooperative housing societies, etc. will now be able to select a single-point connection for the entire complex or individual connections for every building from the distribution licensee.

Furthermore, the distribution licensee will now be required to install a second metre within five days of receiving a complaint alleging that the reading on the metre does not correspond with the actual amount of power consumed. We’ll utilise this extra metre to confirm the readings.

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