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HDFC Bank receives hate for Vigil Aunty ad with stop-sign Bindi; Here are some reactions

The newest Vigil Aunty ad campaign by HDFC Bank, which features a stop-sign Bindi, has caused controversy and ridicule.

HDFC bank

The popular HDFC bank found itself in trouble after releasing their ad campaign in the form of Vigil Aunty who featured a stop-sign-like bindi on her forehead. This ad was based on raising awareness among people about financial fraud but the commercial garnered a lot of hate from netizens for using the stop-sign like a bindi. Not only social media, the ad was also seen in some newspapers as well and netizens reacted to the pictures on the social media platform Twitter (now known as X).

Netizens reacted to the Vigil Aunty ad of HDFC bank

The social media platform Twitter (now known as X) was filled with reactions of netizens who trolled the bank and accused it for being ‘anti-hindu.’ One user wrote, “Is this how you represent Hindu culture with a 🚫 on woman’s forehead? How culturally blind are you? You are the 4th largest bank in the world & you carry a large responsibility of representing India correctly. Please withdraw this infomercial.”

A Twitter user named Mrittunjoy Guha Majumdar explained why the ad is not good. He wrote, “@HDFC_Bank launched the ‘Vigil Aunty’ campaign to promote freedom from fraud, in August 2022. Within Dharmic thought, the Bindi signifies piety (especially with the positioning of the Ajna Chakra) as well as serving as a constant reminder to keep spirituality at the center of one’s thoughts. Given this context, having Anuradha Menon of Lola Kutty fame sport a prohibition sign as a Bindi is quite offensive.”

A user asked HDFC to pull back the advertise. He wrote, “@HDFC_Bank @HDFCBank_Cares @HDFCBankNews u need to pull back your recent  #HinduPhobia add regarding ‘Vigil Aunty” where you have shown Bindi was sign for NO. Your intent may have beenright but delivered in a wrong way. So apologize and pull back this ad.”

Recently, MakeMyTrip was also trolled for their advertisement regarding the India vs Pakistan match played in Ahmedabad on 14 October 2023.

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