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Here’s what Bulli Bai prime accused thinks about religion and terrorism

Niraj Bishnoi, a 21-year-old engineering studnet, who was arrested from Jorhat distrcit in Assam for allegedly creating controversial Bulli Bai app, has been delving into religion and philosphy from very early age.

Bishnoi on religion-

“People think that reading Geeta would turn them into Hindu and whatever has written in Geeta is only for Hindus! That is completely wrong. I always try to find the positive things about religion and recently I’ve been doing some studies about the different holy books! Most of them are just a book of laws, they don’t teach a man the difference between right and wrong,” he had answered to a question. The question read: “I am a Muslim from Pakistan. I want to read The Bhagwad Geeta. But I find it difficult to go against my family traditions of giving only respect to Islam and disregarding other religions?” he says in the answer on June 9, 2017.

In one of his answers, he says: “A religion who thinks that increasing their followers would grant them a higher level in the society cannot be classified as a religion, especially those for whom killing other religion’s followers would grant them a ticket to heaven. I’m not pointing at anyone. I’m not pointing at any religion. My words are enough for that.”

His answer to a question: “What is your view on ‘terrorism has no religion’,” was, “Rubbish!”

“As far as what I know and what I’ve seen and concluded is that there is a direct relationship with religion and Terrorism,” he says. He goes on to quote an ‘international leader’ whom he refused to name: “Every Muslim may not be Terrorist, true. But how’s it that every Terrorist is a follower of Islam.”

In another answer he said that Hindusim is the best religion as it sought ways to control population when others are incresing it.

“Hinduism certainly was the most developed religion because 1000 years before when people of other religion were promoted to have 7 babies, 15 babies to grow their own football team, Hinduism tried to find new ways to stop over-population,” he says.

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