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High-Level Committee Presents Draft, Uttarakhand Cabinet Passes Uniform Civil Code for Assembly

Take a look at the most recent developments as the Uttarakhand Cabinet passes the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) bill, which represents a big step towards standardising the law.

Uniform Civil Code: The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) bill was passed by the Uttarakhand Cabinet on Sunday, led by Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, in accordance with the recommendations of a high-level committee that was established by the government. According to sources who spoke with India Today TV, the bill, which aims to standardise civil laws, will now be introduced in the Uttarakhand Assembly on Tuesday, February 6.

Cabinet Approval in Dehradun

At a Cabinet meeting presided over by Dhami at his Dehradun home, the measure was approved. The five-member committee led by retired Supreme Court Judge Ranjana Prakash Desai presented the Chief Minister with the draft of the Uniform Civil Code bill for the hill state. With regard to marriage, divorce, land, property, and inheritance, the measure seeks to provide a unified legal framework for all state residents, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Uttarakhand Poised to Become Nation’s First to Adopt Uniform Civil Code

The Uniform Civil Code would be adopted by Uttarakhand, the nation’s first post-independence state, provided it passes the Assembly on February 6. The committee that prepared the measure reportedly recommended, among other things, that polygamy and child marriage be completely outlawed, that girls of all faiths be married at the same age, and that divorce grounds and processes be applied uniformly.

The Uttarakhand Assembly has called a special four-day session from February 5 to 8 in order to adopt laws pertaining to the Uniform Civil Code. The UCC proposal was supposed to be discussed during the cabinet meeting on February 3, but it was rescheduled to give ministers more time to conduct a full study. Prior to introducing the legislation in the Uttarakhand Assembly, Chief Minister Dhami underlined the significance of thorough discussions.

UCC Implementation as a Commitment, Not a Political Strategy

Pushkar Singh Dhami had earlier downplayed the opposition’s concerns, highlighting that the UCC’s implementation is a pledge to keep the commitments made during the 2022 Assembly elections rather than a ploy for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Nonetheless, political parties and religious institutions in Uttarakhand have responded angrily to the draft.

Muslim Service Organisation Protests

In a statement, the Muslim Service Organisation expressed opposition to the Uniform Civil Code on the grounds that it violates religious principles. Muslim community members expressed their concerns, saying that rules unique to one religion are being attacked.

Mufti Rais, the chief imam of Uttarakhand, questioned why the draft of the UCC was not subjected to public review and attacked the government for not enlisting legal experts from other religions in its formulation. In addition, objections were voiced over the code’s omission of tribes, and it is believed that exclusively Muslim personal law is being targeted.

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