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India Independence Day 2022: Unique Facts About Red Fort, which you have hardly heard

India Independence Day 2022: The Red Fort is a pride for the entire country. When India got independence on August 15, 1947, after India got freedom from the slavery of the British, the country’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru addressed the people of the country by hoisting the flag for the first time from the Red Fort of Delhi and in his country there was peace. It was resolved to maintain peace and to make its unprecedented development. That’s why the Red Fort is also considered a witness to the Jung-e-Azadi.

History of Red Fort

Now if we talk about the history of Red Fort. It was built by Shah Jahan in the year 1638 AD. Red Fort has been included in the list of World Heritage. For uninitiated, Shah Jahan shifted from his capital Agra to Delhi to build this fort. Staying here, he built this fort near the Yamuna river in the centre of Delhi. The construction of Red fort was started in the year 1638 and lasted till 1648 AD, its construction took about 10 years. Due to the construction of this grand fort, the capital of India, Delhi was called Shahjahanabad, as well as it was considered an example of the creativity of Shah Jahan’s reign.

Red Fort is used for military training

Even after the independence of India, the importance of this fort did not diminish, it was used to train Indian soldiers, as well as it became famous as a major tourist destination, while due to its attractiveness and grandeur, it was named after 2007. It was included in the list of World Heritage in India and today people from all corners of the world come to Delhi to see its beauty.

Structure of Red Fort

The Red Fort is built with red sandstone and white marble stones. At the time of the construction of this fort, it was decorated with many precious gems and gold and silver, but when the Mughal rule ended and the British captured the Red Fort, they took away all the precious gems and metals from this fort.

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Facts about Red Fort

Shah Jahan started the construction of the Red Fort in 1638 on the site of an old fort to replace Agra as his capital, which was completed in 1648.

When the Red Fort was inaugurated in 1648, its main rooms were decorated with precious curtains. It was decorated with Turkish velvet and Chinese silk.

Half of the one crore rupees was spent on building its magnificent palaces.

About one crore rupees were spent to make it. According to this, it was the most expensive fort of that time.

Shah Jahan, imagining the paradise, had built some parts inside the Red Fort, which was destroyed by the British. During the excavation by the Archaeological Survey of India, the original floor of the Red Fort was found which is found at 3 feet near Delhi Gate and its depth is up to 6 feet near Naubat Khana.

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