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Home NATION India vs Bharat: Railway Ministry’s proposal sets the debate rolling yet again

India vs Bharat: Railway Ministry’s proposal sets the debate rolling yet again

India vs Bharat: The country's name is under scrutiny and the Railway Ministry's recent action seems to be pointing toward the government's intention to change it.

India vs Bharat
India vs Bharat

India vs Bharat: The name of our country has been an emblem of pride for us patriots since time immemorial. However, changing the name of the country has come into discussions now and is spreading nationwide gradually. Recently, a proposal by the railway ministry to the Cabinet spiked the debate yet again as the document dropped the name ‘India’ and replaced it with ‘Bharat,’ everywhere it appeared. It has once again signaled the government’s intention to change the name of the country.

India vs Bharat: Railway Ministry’s proposal hints country’s name change

After the heightened controversy behind the name of the country, another documented attempt has surfaced indicating the government’s intent to replace ‘India’ with ‘Bharat’. A proposal from the railway ministry to the Cabinet came to the forefront in which the title ‘India’ was dropped from cover to cover and was replaced with ‘Bharat’. Just 3 days ago, the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) had a panel meeting in which they decided to replace the title ‘India’ with ‘Bharat’ in all school textbooks.

Our country’s name recently became a matter of discussion in political circles after the traditional title ‘Bharat’ was used in the G-20 Summit invitation to the President. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government received heavy backlash from opposing parties after this bold move. Apparently, the opposing parties formed an alliance against the Bharatiya Janata Party and named it using the acronym ‘INDIA,’ after the name of the country. The opposition suspected that the current government’s agenda behind this move is politically motivated against the ‘INDIA’ alliance.

Origin of ‘India’ and logic behind replacing it with ‘Bharat’

The term ‘India’ can be traced back to antiquity when our land was being invaded by foreigners. The Persian invaders used the word ‘Hind’ to refer to the land beyond the great river Indus. Due to phonetical limitations in the Persian language, the ‘I’ sound was replaced with the ‘H’ sound. The Hindi-language rendition of the term came as it is from the Persian whereas the Sanskrit-language rendition was ‘Sindh-u’. The Greeks translated the term as ‘Indikays’ or ‘Indoi’ for the first time and it was later translated into Latin as India. Since the origin of the term is not native to the land, it is logically acceptable to replace it with a native cultural term.

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