Indian Passport Gets Stronger! Top 7 Visa-Free Travel Destinations You Must Visit, Check

Discover Seven Incredible Visa-Free Destinations for Indian Passport Holders

Indian Passport

Indian Passport: Globally, the Indian passport has been gaining value and respect over time. As a result, holders of Indian passports may now enter several countries without a visa. Recently, by increasing the duration of their visa-free entrance for Indian visitors, Thailand and Sri Lanka joined the list. Indian passport holders can now enter 62 countries without a visa or with one upon arrival. This implies that Indian tourists just need their passports to visit these nations, and upon arrival, immigration officials will grant them permission to enter. Let’s investigate ten incredible nations where Indian passport holders can enter without a visa.

1. Bhutan

Nestled in the Himalayas, Bhutan shares a unique affinity with India. For up to 14 days, Indian nationals are permitted entry into Bhutan without a visa. This tranquil nation is well-known for its snow-capped mountains, historic monasteries, and spiritual culture, which makes it the perfect location for quiet getaways.

2. Nepal

The world’s tallest peak, Mount Everest, is located in Nepal, a country that is a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers. A visa is not needed for entry into Nepal for bearers of Indian passports. The two countries have strong cultural and social links, which makes travel between them easy.

3. Mauritius

Beautiful beaches, pristine oceans, and vivid coral reefs are the main draws of Mauritius, an island a nation in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is a great place for an opulent and restful vacation because Indian passport holders are allowed to enter the country for up to 90 days without a visa.

4. Thailand

For travellers with an Indian passport, Thailand provides a two-month visa-free entrance, known for its stunning islands and reasonably priced vacation possibilities. This tropical paradise’s mouthwatering food, lively culture, and stunning scenery draw a sizable influx of Indian visitors every year.

5. Malaysia

Indian passport holders are granted visa-free entrance to Malaysia, a popular tourist destination renowned for its mouthwatering cuisine, extensive history, and stunning beaches, for a duration of 30 days. Malaysia provides all types of tourists with a varied travel experience, from vibrant metropolis to tranquil national parks.

6. Dominica

The Caribbean hilly island of Dominica is sometimes referred to as the “Nature Island.” Known for its many waterfalls and 1342-meter-tall volcano, Indian passport holders can enter Dominica for free for a six-month stay, which can be used for both business and tourism.

7. Seychelles

Indian passport holders are granted 30-day visa-free entrance into the Seychelles, a destination renowned for its stunning oceans, coral reefs, and abundant marine life. For those who want to relax and discover underwater treasures like whale sharks and sea turtles, this island paradise is perfect.

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