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ISRO to conduct Gaganyaan Mission’s Pivotal Crew Escape Test Next Month, Details here

ISRO advances Gaganyaan mission, training astronauts, conducting tests, and targeting a 2024 launch, positioning India on the global space exploration stage.

ISRO: As per the project director, R. Hutton, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is on the verge of conducting a vital test for its ambitious Gaganyaan mission, tentatively scheduled for the upcoming month. This represents a progression in India’s aspiration to join the select group of four nations capable of executing a Human Spaceflight Mission.

ISRO extensively working on Gaganyaan Mission

The primary objective of the Gaganyaan mission is to create a space capsule suitable for human habitation, with the capability to transport a crew of three people into a 400-kilometer orbit for a duration of three days. Upon the successful execution of their mission, the crew will safely return to Earth, with the capsule making a controlled landing in the Indian Ocean.

At present, ISRO is actively training a team of four astronauts for the Gaganyaan mission and envisions enlarging this astronaut corps for forthcoming manned missions. Additionally, the organization has conveyed its intention to investigate methods for establishing a continuous human presence in space after the Gaganyaan mission’s completion.

Furthermore, the Indian space agency recently conducted a series of tests involving the deployment of drogue parachutes at the Rail Track Rocket Sled (RTRS) facility, located at the Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory in Chandigarh.

ISRO likely to launch Gaganyaan in 2024

Although a precise schedule for the mission has not been disclosed, it is anticipated that the launch will occur from Sriharikota, India’s primary spaceport, prior to the year 2024. Notably, the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, a division of ISRO, has already achieved successful testing of systems designed to stabilize the crew module and safely decelerate it during re-entry. This mission marks a substantial advancement for India’s space program and positions the nation prominently on the global stage of space exploration.

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