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ISRO’s Lunar Marvel! 3D Images of Chandrayaan-3’s South Pole Mission Unveiled

From Chandrayaan-3's South Pole mission, ISRO has revealed stunning 3D photos of the Moon's surface.

Chandrayaan-3: Tuesday saw the release of a 3-dimensional “anaglyph” photograph of the Chandrayaan-3 Vikram lander taken from the Moon’s south pole by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). This image’s red channel contains the left image, while the blue and green channels include the right image, giving it a startling cyan tint.

ISRO’s Innovative 3D Visualization Technique

“Anaglyph is a simple visualization of the object or terrain in three dimensions from stereo or multi-view images. The Anaglyph presented here is created using NavCam Stereo Images, which consist of both a left and right image captured onboard the Pragyan Rover,” ISRO said on X. “In this 3-channel image, the left image is positioned in the red channel, while the right image is placed in the blue and green channels (creating cyan). The difference in perspective between these two images results in the stereo effect, which gives the visual impression of three dimensions. Red & Cyan glasses are recommended for viewing in 3D. NavCam was developed by LEOS / ISRO. Data Processing is carried out by SAC / ISRO,” the space agency added.

ISRO’s Plan for Reawakening and Lunar Triumph

Remember that the ‘Vikram Lander‘ was put into sleep mode on Monday morning at roughly 8 am (Indian Standard Time), according to an earlier announcement from ISRO. According to ISRO, the payloads have been turned off once the Earth received the data they had been collecting. According to ISRO, Vikram Lander and Pragyaan should reawaken around September 22. India made a huge step forward on August 23 when the Chandrayaan-3 lander module successfully touched down on the moon’s South Pole, making it the first nation to accomplish the historic achievement and putting an end to the disappointment over the Chandrayaan-2 crash landing four years earlier. Overall, India became the fourth nation to make a successful landing on the moon, following the US, China, and Russia.

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