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J&K News: Gulmarg Avalanche Claims Life of Russian Skier, Several Trapped; Rescue Mission Underway

A Russian skier is killed by an avalanche in the charming ski resort town of Gulmarg, while six others are rescued.

J&K News

J&K News: A huge avalanche that struck Gulmarg, a ski resort town in Jammu and Kashmir, today claimed the life of one Russian skier. Six of the seven Russian skiers who were struck by the avalanche have been rescued. For the purpose of search and rescue, helicopters were used. According to officials, a big avalanche struck the top parts of Gulmarg today close to the Kongdoori slopes. PTI quoted officials to say that the foreign visitors to the ski slopes had not been accompanied by locals.

Army Personnel Lead Rescue Operations

Rescue-cum-search efforts were conducted by Army personnel and a patrolling team from the Jammu and Kashmir administration. Photos from the avalanche’s aftermath depict vacationers trapped in knee-deep snow and a passing civilian helicopter. A snowmobile that visitors frequently use in Gulmarg for adventurous sports is stranded in the snow that the avalanche blanketed the slope with.

Gulmarg Emerges From Winter Drought with Abundant February Snowfall

After a period of drought during the first few weeks of January, Gulmarg has experienced an abundance of snowfall since the start of February. After the recent snowfall that interrupted more than two months of dry spells, the town—known for its vistas and world-class skiing slopes—has become a hotspot for adventure seekers and tourists.

Those in the tourism industry were upset that there wasn’t enough snow during the height of winter, as enthusiasts of winter sports eagerly anticipated seeing the area covered in white, a sight that delighted both residents and visitors by the end of January.

Sonamarg’s Avalanche Alarm

A large-scale avalanche that struck the Sonamarg area on the Srinagar-Leh Highway earlier this month. According to the officials, the avalanche happened close to the Sonamarg workshop used for building the Zojila tunnel. Nevertheless, the incident did not result in any documented damage. In response to significant snowfall that occurred during the first week of February, the authorities issued an avalanche warning for the upper regions of Kashmir Valley.

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