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Karwa Chauth 2023: A Tale of Love and Devotion! Read The Story Behind THIS Festival, Know Puja and Muhurat Here

Karva Chauth is a prominent Hindu fasting ceremony that involves more than just giving up food and liquids for the day.

Karwa Chauth 2023

Karwa Chauth 2023: The Karwa Chauth fast is devoted to Karwa Mata and Lord Ganesha. Without reading Karwa Mata’s narrative and worshipping her, the fast is deemed incomplete. The life of Karwa Mata teaches women valuable lessons about commitment and perseverance. This fast encourages women to show their husbands more affection and devotion, which keeps the family feeling content and peaceful. Consequently, the tale of Karwa Mata is a significant religious tale that imparts a lesson of love and dedication to women.

Read The Story Of Maa Karwa Here

There was a famous moneylender. Who had seven sons and one daughter. Karwa, the only sister of seven brothers, was everyone’s favorite. All the brothers loved their sister very much. They used to sit together and have food. One day, all the daughters-in-law and daughters of the moneylender observe the fast of Karwa Chauth on the Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. As soon as night falls, all the brothers sit down to eat. Then the younger brother asked his sister to eat food, then the sister told that today she will eat food only after offering Arghya to the moon, but seeing the sister’s condition in this Nirjala fast of fasting without food and water since morning, the younger brother could not control himself.

He went and came up with an idea and lit a lamp in a Peepal tree far away and kept it under a sieve which looks just like the moon of Chaturthi. Seeing him, she offers Karva Arghya and starts eating food. Suddenly she sneezes as soon as she eats the first piece of food. Hair appears in the second piece and as soon as she eats the third piece, she gets the news of her husband’s death and she is immersed in grief. Karva’s sister-in-law, who was watching all this sequence of events, told the truth about the moon of the lamp made by her brother and said that the Gods had become angry due to the wrong breaking of the fast. Saddened by this, Karava decides not to perform the last rites of her husband and vows to bring him back to life with her chastity.

In this way, for a whole year, she sits near her husband’s dead body and takes care of it and keeps collecting the needle-like grass growing on it. After a year, when Karva Chauth arrives, she observes a fast and requests the married women who worship on Karva Chauth in the evening, ” Yama Sui Le Lo – Piya Sui De Do”, make her a married woman like you. The married women do not agree to this. Finally, after many requests, a married woman agrees and her vow is completed and her husband gets life. This story is also read by the devotees in different contexts. Therefore this fraction may vary only slightly.

Karwa Chauth 2023 Puja Muhurat

  • New Delhi – 5:36 pm to 6:54 pm
  • Pune – 6:02 pm to 7:17 pm
  • Chennai – 5:42 pm to 6:56 pm
  • Kolkata – 4:59 pm to 6:15 pm
  • Hyderabad – 5:45 pm to 7:00 pm
  • Ahmedabad – 6:02 pm to 7:18 pm
  • Noida – 5:36 pm to 6:53 pm
  • Jaipur – 5:44 pm to 7:02 pm
  • Mumbai – 6:05 pm to 7:21 pm
  • Gurgaon – 5:37 pm to 6:55 pm
  • Bengaluru – 5:53 pm to 7:07 pm
  • Chandigarh – 5:35 pm to 6:54 pm

Karwa Chauth Pooja Rituals

This auspicious fast is kept from dawn till the moon is visible at night. When the moon is visible, women gather to perform Karwa Chauth puja, tell the narrative of Karwa Chauth, and break their fast by taking a bite off food and drink by their husband’s hand. This year’s Karwa Chauth is Celebrating on November 1, 2023.

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