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Kashmir Solidarity Day in POK: Pakistani People’s Candid Admission on Kashmir, Says ‘Humare Yahan Ke Kashmiri Third World Life Guzaar Rahe Hain’

Discover the many perspectives of Pakistani nationals on Kashmir Day by means of open discussions recorded for YouTube channels such as Sana Amjad's.

Kashmir Solidarity Day in POK: Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, the caretaker prime minister, pledged his “unwavering support” for the people living in the Indian-administered territory of Kashmir, as Pakistan spends a public holiday in honour of Kashmiris today, Monday.

Post-Independence Turmoil

Since gaining their independence from British rule in 1947, Pakistan and India have been at odds over the Muslim-majority Himalayan territory of Kashmir. Although they have fought two of the three wars over the disputed region, both Pakistan and India claim full sovereignty over the Himalayan region.

Pakistani Public’s Opinions on Kashmir Unveiled

The people of Pakistan have started expressing their views through YouTube channel. One such channel is in the name of Sana Amjad. When he asked a person on the issue of Kashmir, “If you ever ask the opinion of Kashmiris whether they want to join Pakistan or not. You will definitely get the answer no.” To this the Pakistani man replied, “You have only brought information from social media, we have many Kashmiris working for us, they all know that if we meet in Pakistan then they will treat us better than India.”

On this the reporter said that if this is the case then tell me why is Balochistan demanding independence? Why does he want to separate? To this the Pakistani man replied, ” Our Kashmiris are living a third world life. We never took Balochistan seriously, that is why it is in this condition. Pakistan gives priority only to those who earn money for it. That is why Punjab is kept at the top. Everything is its business. They are sitting there doing it and no one is paying attention to the people.”

Regional Perspectives

When another person was asked, “Do you believe that the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is much better than Azad Kashmir?” On this the person said, “Not at all from the religious point of view. Because they will not have the freedom to practice the way we do. But any state that joins India will definitely get a good currency. Narendra Modi Very good for his people. He is a very good leader and his name will be written on the pages of history.”

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