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Kerala Human Sacrifice Case: Killer Enticed the Couple That First Sacrifice Failed, Top Cop

Kerala Human Sacrifice Case: According to a senior police officer who spoke to NDTV, the main suspect in the Kerala human sacrifice killings that shocked the country persuaded the couple to carry out the act twice after learning that the first time it was unsuccessful. The officer also revealed how they would kill their victims first before discarding the bodies.

What the Kochi Police Commissioner told?

CH Nagaraju, stated, “As far as the behaviour of these accused goes, what we have understood is that they will first kill and then mutilate and take them into bits, dismember them, and then bury them.”

Bhagaval Singh and his wife Laila were persuaded by [the principal accused Muhammad] Shafi that the initial sacrifice had not significantly improved their financial situation.

They must perform another one because the original occurrence had some “ritualistic difficulties,” he said.

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The police officer stated the wounds inflicted on the two victims resemble those on the 75-year-old woman who had been sexually attacked by Shafi two years prior and described the killers’ behaviour as “extremely, very weird.”

However, the charges of cannibalism, according to the police head, have not yet been proven.

“According to the evidence, it’s a case of human sacrifice. Furthermore, the existence of cannibalism has not yet been proven, according to Mr. Nagaraju.

“The first instance, which occurred in June, is to be said to have some such (cannibalism) background. There are currently two incidents with us. These are rumours that are being circulated, but there is no proof to back them up. For this, we’ll need to gather scientific evidence “Added he.

Separately, sources inside the police force informed NDTV that the suspects admitted to the allegations of cannibalism, with Shafi having persuaded the other two that it would “improve their power.”

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Commissioner CH Nagaraju described it as “a very, very horrific occurrence” and claimed that there was sufficient evidence for the police to build a “watertight case” for the allegations of murder, kidnapping, fraud, and evidence destruction. “We’ll be conducting DNA testing, and we’re gathering more scientific proof for it,” he further added.

The other two accused fell into this trap, according to Mr. Nagaraju. “Most of the time, it is a case of one accused convincing the other two accused that human sacrifice is good for their financial ‘upgrading’ as a ritual,” he said.

“In a region like Kerala is very, very abnormal, and it is an anomaly,” he said of the occurrence. “Not a lot of people around here engage in it. People here are quite well-educated, “The policeman spoke.

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