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Know the price of petrol and diesel in your city

Fuel prices remain unchanged for the sixth consecutive day on September 11. Earlier, the oil companies had cut the prices of petrol and diesel by 15 paise per liter on Sunday. Since July 17, the prices of petrol and diesel have not increased and recently oil prices have come down several times.

Here’s price of petrol and diesel in your city

• Petrol in Delhi is 101.19 paise per liter and diesel is Rs 88.62 per liter.
• Petrol in Mumbai is Rs 107.26 per liter while diesel is 96.19 paise per liter.
• Petrol in Kolkata today is Rs 101.62 and diesel is Rs 91.71 per liter.
• Petrol in Chennai today is Rs 98.96 and diesel is Rs 93.26 per liter.
• Petrol in Bangalore today is Rs 104.70 and Diesel is Rs 94.04 per liter.
• Petrol in Lucknow today is Rs 98.30 and diesel is Rs 89.02 per liter.
• Petrol in Patna today is Rs 103.79 and diesel Rs 94.55 per liter.
• Petrol in Jaipur today is Rs 108.13 and diesel is Rs 97.76 per liter.
• Petrol in Gurugram today is Rs 98.94 and Diesel is Rs 89.32 per liter.
• Petrol in Hyderabad today is Rs 105.26 and diesel is Rs 96.69 per liter.
• Petrol in Ranchi today is Rs 96.21 and diesel is Rs 93.57 per liter.
• Petrol in Dehradun today is Rs 97.68 and diesel is Rs 89.43 per liter.
• Petrol in Shimla today is Rs 98.96 and Diesel is Rs 88.13 per liter.

Fuel rates differ from state to state due to value-added tax (VAT) and freight charges.

Under the pricing formula adopted by oil companies, rates are to be reviewed and revised daily based on the average price of benchmark fuel in the international market in the preceding 15-days and foreign exchange rates. The new prices become effective from 6 am.

In the international market, crude oil prices rose for a second session on Thursday, recovering from earlier losses as a decline in US Gulf of Mexico output following damages from Hurricane Ida underpinned the market, news agency Reuters reported.

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