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Major setback for Congress in Uttarakhand after Harish Rawat’s tweets

Former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Harish Rawat created a ruckus in Congress on Wednesday with his Tweets. In what appeared like an outburst, the Congress leader said that he may consider taking ‘vishram’ ahead of the Assembly polls in Uttarakhand and Punjab.

Expressing his dissatisfaction with party, the campaign chief hinted at retirement from politics.

One of the biggest faces of the Congress in the hill state, Rawat said that power” has “left several crocodiles” in the “ocean of elections”

Taking to social media, Rawat posted: “Hai na ajeeb si baat, chunav rupi samudra ko tairna hai, sahyog ke liye sangthan ka dhancha adhikansh sthanon par sahyog ka haath aage badhne ke bajay ya toh muh pher karke khada ho ja raha hai ya nakaratmak bhumika nibha raha hai. Jis samudra mein tairna hai satta ne wahan kayi magarmachh chhor rakhe hain.”

(“It is strange, isn’t it, I have to swim in the ocean of elections. Instead of stretching its arms for help, the organisational structure is either ignoring me or playing a negative role. The leadership has left several crocodiles in the ocean where I have to swim”).

However, speaking to reporters at a press conference later, he refused to elaborate on his posts.

The situation has now worsened with state in-charge Devendra Yadav being highlighted as both have had differences over how to run the party in the state.

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