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May have to wait for 6 hours at Delhi airport, new rules on Omicron from December 1

The government has made changes in the rules related to international travelers coming to India after the threat regarding the Omicron variant of Corona. The revised guideline regarding this will be effective from December 1. Sources say that after the implementation of the new rules, passengers may have to wait for 6 hours at Delhi Airport. Airport screening has been made mandatory for passengers coming from countries placed in the 14 risk category. Cases of Omicron variant have been found in these countries.

Sources say that such passengers may also have to wait a long time for the result of their RTPCR test. Sources say that it may take 4 to 6 hours for the results of the Covid test of each passenger to come. The company doing RTPCR test of Corona at the airport can do 400-500 tests in an hour. But efforts are being made to increase the testing capacity.

The direct flight from Europe to Delhi is 8.5 hours and the first two hours of catching the flight add up to the airport. If we add six hours for the test at the Delhi airport and one hour for customs and immigration to get the luggage, then the passengers may have to spend a long time at the airport. In such a situation, after leaving for the destination, it may take 17 hours to come out of Delhi Airport.

If there is a connecting flight from the Middle East, then it may take 2.5 hours more and in this case this time may increase to 19.5 hours. Stays on connecting flights can be up to 6 hours. In such a situation, the total travel time may take up to 24 hours for some passengers.

So far, all travelers from Europe, South Africa, Brazil, Bangladesh, Botswana, China, Mauritius, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Israel will be required to undergo RTPCR test at the airport. Passengers from other countries will also be tested on a random basis of 5%.

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Passengers from all these countries may have to wait a long time at the airport. It is not yet decided how many counters of testing will be made. Today it was shown in the video how preparations are being done at the international airport. After arrival at the airport, a long queue of chairs with social distancing has been made for the RTPCR test.

Significantly, sensing the threat of Omicron virus, the government has tightened the rules of screening and testing for foreign travelers. Not much has been revealed about the strain yet. No case of this has been found in India. Although infected patients have been found in all countries including Britain, Belgium.

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