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Nira Radia Tape Case: “No Criminality Found”, CBI Exclaims To Supreme Court

Nira Radia Tape Case: The Central Bureau of Inquiry (CBI) informed the Supreme Court on Wednesday that no wrongdoing had been discovered as a result of an investigation into the recorded talks of former corporate lobbyist Niira Radia with a variety of politicians, industrialists, and government officials.

What did Solicitor General Inform the Top Court?

Aishwarya Bhati, additional solicitor general for the CBI, informed the court’s bench about a sealed cover report the agency presented in 2015 detailing the findings of the court-ordered investigation. The bench was presided over by justice Dhananjaya Y Chandrachud. All these years, the court never addressed the issue.

“The investigation turned out nothing illegal. The court has received a sealed cover report, and the relevant departments have also received the investigation’s findings. Bhati presented evidence to the bench that also included Justice PS Narsimha and Hima Kohli.

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Before the court takes up the case in October, CBI is anticipated to file the most recent status report.
The businessman Ratan Tata filed a writ case requesting an investigation into the release of audio records involving Radia, which he claimed violated his right to privacy. The CBI has responded with the findings.
The Center for Public Interest Litigation (CPIL), an NGO, urged that all of the videos be made public and that an investigation be conducted into them.

What was the case?

Over 5,800 taped conversations of Radia’s were initially intercepted by the government between 2008 and 2009 as part of an inquiry into tax cheating. In October 2013, the top court ordered CBI to look into 14 concerns that the agency had discovered.

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The CBI opened 14 preliminary investigations (PEs) into the case to look into potential offences that may have come up during interactions between the corporate lobbyist and notable people and businesses. Currently, all cases are closed owing to a lack of sufficient evidence.

The Supreme Court stated when requesting an investigation in 2013 that the talks “indicate the deep-rooted animosity by private firms in connivance with government officials and others for extraneous goals.” The fact that interested parties have obtained advantages from officials and others suggests that private parties are using corrupt methods to take gains.

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