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Old coins scheme: You can earn Rs 3 lakh, if you’ve this coin bearing a portrait of Indira Gandhi

Old coins scheme: You might not be aware of this, but the cost of Old banknotes and coins is currently skyrocketing on the online market. These antique coins and notes can be purchased for a substantial sum. If you happen to be in this scenario and have any old or rare coins or notes hanging around, you can sell them and make thousands of rupees.

These days, people are frantic to get these notes and coins, and you may also demand an outrageous amount for them. Because of this, we’re going to tell you about a coin today that you can buy and sell for millions of dollars.

The coin we’re going to talk to you about today is a five rupee coin, but we should point out that it is not a typical currency and is actually fairly uncommon. The image of Indira Gandhi (the Indira Gandhi coin) is printed on this coin, which was produced from 1917 to 1984. You would receive between 2 and 3 lakh rupees if you decide to sell this currency online right now under Old coins scheme.

To sell this coin, not much work is required. To sell it, all you need to do is sign up as a seller on the internet marketplaces quickr or ebay. You must next snap a photo of your coin and upload it to our website. After completing these steps, your advertisement will be published and made public. After that, anyone wants to purchase this note will get in touch with you.

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