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One Nation One Election: Committee Led by Ram Nath Kovind to Meet on September 23

On September 23, the 'One Nation, One Election' committee, headed by Ram Nath Kovind, will have its first meeting to examine the viability of coordinated elections.

One Nation One Election
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One Nation One Election: The ‘One Nation, One Election‘ committee will meet for the first time on September 23, according to Ram Nath Kovind, the group’s former head. The committee, led by former President Kovind, was established by the Centre on September 1 to investigate the viability of “one nation, one election.”

The Vision Behind ‘One Nation, One Election’

Currently, there are two cycles for both state elections and Lok Sabha or parliamentary elections. Elections for the Lok Sabha, or Lower House of Parliament, are held in each state every five years. Every state has a unique cycle. However, all state elections would be held concurrently with the Lok Sabha elections, possibly on the same day, if a measure promoting the “one nation, one election” concept is approved. If the Bill is introduced during the special session of Parliament, a constitutional modification will be required, and that amendment will need to be approved by 67% of the Lok Sabha, 67% of the Rajya Sabha, and 50% of the state legislatures. The BJP is a vocal supporter of the “one nation, one election” concept, arguing that doing so will reduce costs for the country, facilitate more efficient administration, and improve the conduct of elections.

Claims of BJP’s Election Timing and Speculations About ‘One Nation, One Election’ Bill

However, the opposition claims that the BJP planned to hold the Lok Sabha elections early in order to give its rivals less time to prepare because they had formed an alliance. Despite rumours that the BJP could present the measure during the five-day special session of Parliament that starts on Monday, the administration released a “tentative agenda” without mentioning the bill. The Opposition is still wary, though. On Friday, a TMC member of parliament stated, “The agenda of the special Parliament session has still not been announced, and I say this because on the list of business, they have written a very sinister line there saying this is not the exhaustive list of business. They will be up to dirty tricks, and they can add some business last minute.”

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