Petrol And Diesel Price Update: International Crude oil prices slip! Check the current rates in your city from Lucknow to Mumbai

Petrol And Diesel Price Update

Petrol And Diesel Price Update: The price of crude oil has dropped on the international market once more as the first week of this year comes to an end. The cost of petrol and diesel in India has not changed, though, as our country’s prices have stayed the same since May 22, 2022. The majority of our country’s states’ current petrol and diesel prices are shown below as of January 9, 2024. The benchmark for global oil prices, Brent crude, fell 4.41% to $70.56 per barrel. With the recent implementation of fuel duty in some regions of the nation, the price of a litre of petrol now exceeds Rs. 100. Yesterday saw a minor worldwide drop in the price of crude oil, which was significant.

How is Petrol Price in India calculated?

The cost of petrol is rising quickly in India, so it’s important for people to know how the price is determined. One commodity that is not subject to the Goods and Service Tax (GST) in India is petrol. Crude oil, OMC margin, freight costs, transportation costs, state and federal government taxes, excise duty, and other taxes are the factors that determine the retail selling price of petrol in India.

Petrol And Diesel Price Update: Checkout the prices of petrol and diesel today

Name of citiesPrices of Petrol in rupeesPrices of Diesel in rupees
New Delhi96.7289.62

Want to check current rates in city

Fuel prices are updated on a regular basis by oil marketing companies, and customers can view these prices on the websites of businesses like Indian Oil Corporation and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation. Additionally, consumers can quickly find out local petrol and diesel prices by going to the websites of the oil marketing companies or by sending an SMS to 9224992249 for Indian Oil customers or 9223112222 for BPCL customers, along with the city code and the word “RSP.”

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