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PM in Germany: Modi calls Emergency black spot on democracy

India is leading the “way of innovation”, with one unicoron emerging in the country in every 10 days, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on June 26 in Germany’s Munich, where he addressed members of the Indian community.

“There was a time when India was nowhere in the race of startups. Today, we are the third-largest startup ecosystem. Similarly, we used to import even the simplest phones, today, we are the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world,” he added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said that the emergency imposed 47 years ago is a “black spot” on India’s vibrant democracy as he praised the country’s democratic values.

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Addressing the massive event he said that democracy is in the DNA of every Indian.

“Forty-seven years ago, an attempt was made to hold that democracy hostage and crush it. Emergency is a black spot on India’s vibrant democracy,” Modi, who is visiting Germany to attend the G7 Summit, said, targeting the Congress Party.

“We Indians feel proud of our democracy wherever we live. Every Indian can say with pride that India is the mother of democracy,” Modi said.

Emergency was announced in the country on June 25, 1975 when Indira Gandhi was the prime minister, and was lifted on March 21, 1977.

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