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Home NATION PM Modi Hails Bengaluru as Ideal Venue for G20 Digital Economy Discourse

PM Modi Hails Bengaluru as Ideal Venue for G20 Digital Economy Discourse

PM Modi

PM Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke at the G20 Digital Economy Ministerial Meet on Friday in Bengaluru, Karnataka, and emphasised India’s commitment to inclusive digital growth and its country’s digital transformation. Dignitaries from all around the world attended the event, which served as a forum for conversation about the direction of the digital economy.

PM Modi Highlights India’s Digital Milestones

The breadth, speed, and scope of this revolution, he said, “is beyond imagination,” attributing it to innovation, swift execution, and an inclusive culture. More than 850 million people. The Jan Dhan bank accounts, Aadhaar, and Mobile (JAM) trinity, which covers more than 1.3 billion people, is revolutionising financial inclusion. Nearly 10 billion transactions per month are made using the UPI instant payment system, and India accounts for over 45% of all real-time payments made worldwide. The role of the CoWIN portal in the Covid immunisation campaign, the Gati-Shakti platform for infrastructure and logistics, the Government e-Marketplace for transparent procurement, the Open Network for Digital Commerce democratising e-Commerce, digitalized taxation systems promoting transparency and e-governance, and the upcoming Bhashini platform for AI-powered language translation. The diversified geography of India, according to Prime Minister Modi, makes it the perfect place to test out scalable, safe, and inclusive solutions that the entire globe can use. The India Stack, an online Global Public Digital Goods Repository, was enthusiastically launched by him as a way to ensure inclusion, particularly for countries in the Global South.

PM Modi Calls for Global Collaboration

He supported attempts to build a Common Framework for Digital Public Infrastructure, create a G20 virtual Global Digital Public Infrastructure Repository, and make it easier for countries to compare their digital talents when speaking to the international delegates. The concept of a virtual centre of excellence for digital skills was also well received by him. Prime Minister Modi asked the G20 to concentrate on creating high-level principles for a safe, trusted, and resilient digital economy in light of the global expansion of the digital economy in order to combat new security risks and problems. He highlighted the potential for technology to link the world and promote equitable and sustainable development as he concluded his speech. To create a worldwide ecosystem of technology-based solutions to tackle humanity’s problems, he urged “Conviction, Commitment, Coordination, and Collaboration”. In his speech at the G20 Digital Economy Ministerial Meet, Prime Minister Modi reaffirmed India’s commitment to using innovation and cooperation to create a prosperous and inclusive global digital future.

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