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PM Modi’s Attack On Opposition Front For it’s New Name

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mocked the opposition alliance for its new name, INDIA, calling it “directionless” and citing the “Indian Mujahideen” and “Popular Front of India.”

The Prime Minister reportedly said, “I have never seen such a directionless opposition,” at the weekly meeting of the BJP parliamentary party, according to BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad.

At a meeting of 26 parties last week in Bengaluru to discuss strategies for the national election in 2024, PM Modi also criticised the opposition coalition over the name it given itself: INDIA, an acronym for the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance.

“They keep praising themselves for the name INDIA. Indian National Congress. East India company. Indian Mujahideen. Popular Front of India – these are also INDIA. Just using the name INDIA does not mean anything,” Mr Prasad quoted the Prime Minister as saying.

The use of the nation’s name alone cannot deceive people, he claimed

The scathing remarks came amid a parliamentary impasse over the Manipur crisis and frequent interruptions over the opposition’s demand for a statement from Prime Minister Modi on problems like the widely circulated video of two women being paraded naked by a mob and attacked in May.

The opposition, according to the prime minister, is “defeated, exhausted, hopeless, with a single-point agenda — opposing Modi.” According to reports from PM Modi, their actions demonstrated that they had already decided to remain in the opposition.

He expressed certainty that the BJP would easily win the 2024 elections thanks to popular backing.

The government’s plans to introduce significant legislation in parliament have been halted by the Manipur dispute. Since the monsoon session began last Thursday, one day after the Manipur horror film surfaced, both houses of parliament have been postponed numerous times without much business being completed.

PM Modi stated in his remarks prior to the session that his heart was filled with agony and rage. “No guilty will be spared, I want to tell the nation. The law will be followed in taking action. There is no forgiveness for what happened to the daughters of Manipur, he declared.

The opposition, which made its parliamentary debut this session under the name “INDIA” alliance, demanded that the Prime Minister address both houses of parliament in detail.

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