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“Poetry connects heart to heart”: Discourse on poetic skills to ensure social reforms

New Delhi, Ramakant Chaudhary: “The Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Gita, the Bible, the Quran, the Upanishads, and such similar spiritual and intellectual texts are classic examples of unique poetic skills that have ever worked and remained as greatest saviours of human civilization”, said Prof Arun Kumar Jha while addressing a discourse on Poetic Skills and Public Dissemination held in New Delhi under the aegis of British Lingua, an institute of international repute for English communication skills.

“The governments, educational institutes, media and publishers must give uppermost consideration and attention to the cultivation of lyrical skills, poetical script and promote writings of lasting human values to bring about a social change in the Indian society and world at large” added Prof AK Jha, who has recently bagged the World Poetry Award-22.

Chairing the intellectual discourse the poet Prof Jha opined, “Poetry is the art of expressing the innermost thoughts, feelings, emotions and sentiments that are the most natural and fundamental instincts of humankind. It expresses even the inexpressible one can find. These skills are likened to the multiple sounds and views created by animals and human beings alike to express their innermost raw, natural and forceful urges. Composers burst out or blossom into their poems, leaving lasting impacts.”

“A poetic expression is something that connects heart to heart, creating its own space in the hearts and minds of readers or listeners with lasting impacts. It rouses and arouses them from deep slumber and moves them to something no end. It has a healing power to kill the germs of malice and fall in love with nature and beauty. It has many manifestations averred Dr Birbal Jha, noted author and the youngest living legend of Mithila.

Dr Birbal, who revolutionized English teaching and training in India beginning in 1993, praised the efforts of Prof Arun Kumar Jha, who wrote the maiden poetic treatise on the Indian Constitution and further said, youths of the day must carry the poetic values created by early authors of oldest scriptures that began with lyrical and rhythmic intonation and accentuations.

Under the chairmanship of AK Jha, a poet, professor and advocate rolled into one, a resolution was passed that ‘Social Awareness for Poetic Skills’ be launched nationwide and memoranda are to be sent to the central government as well as state governments in the country for the promotion of poets and poetic values.

Prominent among those who attended the evening discourse on the day included SN Thakur, Social worker Bishwa Nath Jha, Rajesh Sen and others.

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