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Raksha Bandhan 2023: Five must-have items on your Pooja Thali for Auspicious and best celebrations

Raksha Bandhan 2023: Raksha Bandhan is a highly anticipated festival for brothers and sisters alike. This cultural celebration serves as a powerful symbol of the enduring affection and loyalty that siblings share. As part of the ritual, sisters gracefully tie rakhi around their brothers’ wrists, extending wishes for their well-being and vowing to be their protectors. This age-old practice also carries the belief that the tied rakhi carries a brother’s commitment to uphold his values and ensure his sister’s safety.

Beyond its symbolism, Raksha Bandhan acts as a unifying force, bringing together families and relatives under a single roof. This auspicious occasion not only strengthens the bonds between siblings but also serves as an effective means of fostering togetherness among extended family members. As Raksha Bandhan approaches, the air is filled with anticipation, as brothers and sisters prepare to celebrate their cherished connection in a truly heartwarming manner. Raksha Bandhan, a celebration of sibling love, finds its essence in the traditional pooja thali. Without it, the festivity remains incomplete. This year, we bring you a guide to make your pooja thali exceptionally special. Read below to know:

Five must-have things on Raksha Bandhan pooja thali

1. Akshata

Akshata holds a pivotal role as it draws the divine blessing of revered deities such as Goddess Durga, Lord Ganesha, Sri Ram, and Lord Shiva. This consecrated offering gains even more importance as it is mixed and blended with KumKum and vibrant coloured powders, forming a vital part of the Rakhi Puja ritual.

2. Tilak

Tilak holds a prime position in the Rakhi thali, standing as one of the initial and essential elements. This auspicious mark embodies the essence of Goddess Lakshmi, the harbinger of wealth and fortune. The act of applying this sacred tilak onto a brother’s forehead not only signifies a gesture of affection but also holds the promise of prosperity and affluence in his future endeavours.

3. Sandalwood

The act of applying sandalwood on a brother’s forehead during Rakhi holds profound significance. Through this ritual, a sister invokes the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Ganesha, two revered deities. Beyond its symbolic value, sandalwood serves as a shield, safeguarding brothers from negative influences and guiding them away from misguided paths.

4. Offering Rakhi to Deities

Begin by placing the rakhi plate in your place of worship or temple. Start the ritual by offering the rakhi to Lord Krishna or your chosen Ishta Devta, seeking their blessings. This act holds deep meaning, symbolizing the timeless bond of love and nurturing between a sister and her brother.

5. Diya

Elevate your Rakhi plate by including diyas, the radiant symbols of light. Lighting these diyas not only ushers in positivity but also signifies fresh moments and joyful new beginnings. Aarti, a traditional ritual, holds a significant place in religious practices. Prior to tying the rakhi on your brother’s wrist, ensure you perform the aarti.

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