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Reports of Iranian Plane Having a Bomb, Turns Out To Be False

Iranian Plane Bomb Hoax: A foreign aircraft with an Iranian origin that was heading for the airspace over New Delhi was intercepted by fighter jets of the Indian Air Force.

Security authorities in Delhi reportedly got information about the potential presence of a bomb, which led to an alarm and the denial of the plane’s request to land in Delhi, according to sources.

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Request To land in Delhi denied

The aircraft was travelling from Tehran, Iran, to Guangzhou, China, as per a tweet from ANI. As soon as Mahan Air learned that an immediate landing in Delhi was required due to a bomb threat, the airline notified the Delhi airport’s Air Traffic Control. According to authorities, the aircraft’s pilot disregarded the Delhi ATC’s suggestion to fly to Jaipur and instead exited Indian territory.

Uncertainty persists over the bomb threat’s nature.

When the alert from the ATC was shared with the plane, it had already entered Indian airspace.
According to authorities, Su-30MKI fighter jets of the Indian Air Force were dispatched from their bases in Jodhpur and Punjab to intercept the aircraft.

The threats turn out to be fake

The statement read, “After some time, advice was obtained from Tehran to dismiss the bomb concern, and as a result, the aircraft continued on its voyage towards its eventual destination.

With a passenger capacity of between 320 and 475, the Airbus A340 operated by Iranian airline Mahan Air was travelling from Tehran, the capital of Iran, to Guangzhou, China.

According to flight tracking services, the plane made a number of midair loops west of New Delhi, the capital of India, before continuing east toward its target.

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