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Six terrorist arrest case: Osama and Zeeshan have become terrorists in Kasab’s training camp, wanted to repeat 26/11

Six terrorist trapped in the intrigue to shake the nation have made significant revelations in the cross examination. There was a connivance to shake many states of the country. For this, the ISI and the underworld were planning widely. The fear based oppressors have uncovered that they were simply approached to mastermind the rake and weapons. Subsequent to getting the directions of ISI, bomb impacts were to be completed in metro urban areas of many states. Captured psychological militants Osama and Zeeshan were likewise prepared in Pakistan at where Mumbai fear assault convict Ajmal Amir Kasab was given preparing.

During fear based oppressor celebrations, a senior official of the Special Cell needed to shoot a bomb at where individuals of a specific religion assemble in huge numbers at one spot. After the bomb impacts, there ought to be more death toll and property and after that the common congruity in the nation gets ruined and uproars will spread in the country.

The ISI had additionally brought forth an intrigue to spread the mobs for an enormous scope. Then again, a senior official of the Special Cell advised that the captured fear mongers needed to rehash the 26/11 Mumbai impacts. This time Dawood Ibrahim’s sibling Anis Ibrahim was engaged with the connivance. He was in touch with fear mongers. Hidden world wear Dawood Ibrahim was engaged with the 26/11 assault connivance.

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The captured fear mongers Osama and Zeeshan were likewise given psychological oppressor preparing at the farmhouse in Thatta close to Karachi in Pakistan at a similar spot where Mumbai assault convict Kasab was given, the police official said. Here Osama and Zeeshan were instructed to deal with and work weapons like guns and AK-47s. Together the IED was made and educated. The psychological militants were prepared in the position of Major or Lieutenant and by an official named Ghazi. Ghazi’s two associates were Jabbar and Hamza. It has additionally been uncovered in the cross examination that the fear based oppressors needed to kill the objective by terminating unpredictably like Kasab. Legislators and strict pioneers were on track under the objective killing.

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