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Viral Video: Salute to Indian Army! Rescues 500 Tourists Stranded in Nathula Snowstorm, Watch

Learn about the heroic story of the Indian Army's Trishakti Corps, which braves dangerous circumstances to save more than 500 tourists who became stuck in Nathula, Sikkim.

Viral Video: The Indian Army has been observed demonstrating its might whenever possible. The army is always seen leading the charge, whether it is to protect the nation from adversaries or to help its citizens from difficulties. The courageous warriors accomplished another heroic deed, risking their lives to safely rescue 500 individuals who were stranded in the snow.

Nathula’s Snowbound Crisis


The issue is with Nathula, which is in Sikkim on the border with China. On Wednesday, more than 500 tourists who had become stuck here because of the heavy snowstorm were saved. This information was provided by the Army in a formal announcement. More than 500 visitors were rescued by Army soldiers from the Trishakti Corps after East Sikkim saw an unexpected snowstorm, according to the statement.

Trishakti Corps Mobilization

It stated that members of the Trishakti Corps were dispatched to the area to aid the trapped visitors. According to the statement, the visitors received secure transportation, hot food, and timely medical assistance. Moreover, Trishakti Corps has posted a few images on the social media site ‘X’.

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