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Will Centre Introduce ‘One Nation, One Election’ Bill in Parliament’s special session? Details

By coordinating Lok Sabha and state assembly elections, this idea hopes to speed up the voting process and maybe decrease the number of elections.

Special Parliamentary Session

Special Parliamentary Session: According to sources, the Centre may introduce the “One Nation, One Election” bill at the special session of Parliament scheduled for September 18 to 22. The phrase “One Nation, One Election” refers to the proposal of holding both the Lok Sabha elections and the numerous state assembly elections at the same time. The Law Commission of India has looked into the proposal, which has been brought up previously on multiple occasions.

The Current Scenario of Dual Poll Cycles and Its Challenges

Currently, elections for state assemblies and the Lok Sabha are often held towards the conclusion of their respective terms. This often translates into two election cycles per year, with voting taking place for various state assemblies during each cycle.

Exploring the Vision of Simultaneous Voting Under ‘One Nation, One Election

According to the One Nation, One Election concept, voting would likely take place on a single day, and elections for the Lok Sabha and all state assemblies would be held in a single cycle.

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