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5 Winter Car Care Tips that you must follow to keep your vehicle in great condition

Follow these 5 winter car care tips to ensure your vehicle is ready for the forthcoming bitterly cold weather.

5 Winter Car Care Tips that you must follow to keep your car in great condition in the upcoming bone-chilling weather

5 Winter Car Care Tips: Winter is here, and with it comes a higher chance of traffic accidents that are made worse by the harsh weather, especially in some places. Many people forget that maintaining and protecting their automobiles throughout the winter is crucial, even though poor visibility from thick fog and snowfall is the primary cause of most of these incidents. Here are the top 5 tips you must follow this winter.

5 Winter Car Care Tips

1. Keep a check on your vehicle’s battery

In colder climates than in warmer ones, your automobile battery may have greater difficulty operating. In warm weather, a weak battery might still function, but in the winter, it’s more likely to die. Make sure the battery is operational before a lengthy trip by having it checked. Make sure you replace it right away if it needs to be replaced in order to avoid becoming stuck on the road.

2. Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure is one of the more crucial things to check in cold weather. Air functions using a very basic physical mechanism that is applicable to all environments. It expands when heated and contracts when cooled. These impacts are felt in terms of tyre pressure inside your tyre. Your car’s tyre pressure rises in the warmer months and falls in the colder ones. It is therefore advised that you check the pressure in your tyres more often than you usually would. Your driving will be impacted greatly when you are operating a vehicle with low tyre pressure. As a result, always be sure you drive under the appropriate pressure.

3. Warm up your engine before you drive

Warming up your car’s engine is one of the easiest ways to prepare it for the winter. It helps the engine oil reach every crevice and surface of the engine. The engine should warm up and operate at its best after being revved for a few minutes. Additionally, it lessens the engine’s damage.

4. Check your brakes

The ability to brake safely is only one more crucial safety requirement for drivers, regardless of the driving conditions or weather. Therefore, have the brake callipers greased and the brake pads inspected and replaced before they become completely worn out.

5. Check your windscreen wipers

Despite their short lifespan, windscreen wipers are quite useful in cold weather conditions. It is best to replace them with fresh wiper blades if there are obvious cracks or damage.

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