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Air purifier buying guide: 5 things you must know before you buy one to combat rising pollution, Check details

Do you need help selecting a new air purifier?  Read this article to know what factors you should keep in mind while getting one.

Air purifier buying guide: Choosing which air purifier to purchase might be a very difficult decision. It necessitates that you traverse numerous marketing gimmicks, understand a tonne of technical terminology, and take into account a lot of aspects. Today, we will help you make the right decision for yourself. In this article, we will tell you 5 things you must know before you get your hands on an air purifier.

Air purifier buying guide: 5 things you must know

What is HEPA filter?

The best kind of air filter for eliminating tiny particles from the air is a HEPA filter. Make sure the air purifier you purchase has a HEPA filter if you suffer from allergies or asthma.

Get one which is not loud

Particularly when operating at maximum capacity, air purifiers might make noise. Select an air purifier with minimal noise if you are easily distracted by noise.

Size and capacity

A lot of air purifiers have different floor area ratings. As a result, you must determine the floor area of your room or its approximate value. To find the floor area, multiply the length and width of your room, or a close approximation of those dimensions.

Filter change cost

Air purifiers require routine maintenance, specifically the replacement of air filters. When it’s time to replace your air filters, most air filters have an indicator. The filter needs to be changed, and you should also have the filters on hand. Your local air quality index (AQI) indicates how often you should change your air filter. Different brands of air purifiers also have different replacement filters. Accordingly, you should look into the cost of the replacement filters in addition to the air purifier’s pricing.

How much energy does it consume?

Picking an energy-efficient air purifier is crucial because they can consume a lot of energy. Make sure the air purifier you choose has the Energy Star label.

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