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Are Teens Willing to Get Tracked by Parents? Surprising Survey Reveals The Truth

Find out what a recent survey that questions popular preconceptions revealed is shocking. The findings indicate that a noteworthy proportion of adolescents are amenable to parental phone monitoring and actively pursue it as a protective strategy.

Teen Safety: Parents who are concerned about the safety of their children have been extremely concerned about teen safety as crime rates are rising. Teenagers are taking preventative steps to protect themselves and those close to them now that they are aware of safety precautions. However, this survey demonstrates the astounding lengths to which teenagers are ready to go in the name of safety.

Teenagers Embrace GPS Tracking

Actually, tens of millions of teenagers choose voluntarily for their parents to track them. According to a new survey, the majority of kids think it’s good for their safety when their parents track where they are. This is completely at odds with the message that the majority of films and television shows try to convey. Learn the true feelings of the current generation on GPS tracking.

Gen Z Embraces Location Tracking Technologies for Enhanced Safety and Connectivity

According to a Wall Street Journal article, Gen Z, which spans the ages of 11 to 26, uses family tracking services or applications to feel safe. Families can stay in touch with one another thanks to technologies like Apple Find My, Google Family Link, Snapchat Snap Map, and smartwatches with GPS. The report said, “Gen Z respondents to a recent survey from Life360 said they share their location when they drive, when they go on dates and when they attend concerts and other large gatherings. Many keep location sharing on at all times.”

Sharing Location for Peace of Mind

Teens today are more aware of the horrible atrocities that are happening all around them, and they are more honest with their parents, keeping them updated on their whereabouts. The Life360 survey indicates that different scenarios are used for location tracking. Families often post their location status constantly, even though many would choose not to share when they are out. According to the report, 87 percent of Gen Z members prefer to share their whereabouts when travelling long distances. When they go to strange locations, 80% of people share their location, and 77% share when they go to festivals, concerts, or events. When out on dates or at parties, 78% of people disclose their whereabouts.

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