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Bageshwar Dham: Dhirendra Shastri replies after getting death threat from a person in Barielly; Here’s what he said

Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Dhirendra Shastri has recently received death threats and Baba's reaction has also come on this. Bageshwar has responded to this threat in his own style.

Baba Bageshwar Dham
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On social media, a young man named Anas Ansari from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, vowed to assassinate Baba Dhirendra Krishna Shastri of Bageshwar Dham. Following this threat, leaders of Hinduist organizations filed a police report. The cops then jumped into action and apprehended the accused. Dhirendra Shastri has now responded to the individual who threatened during a presentation in his own unique style. He said, “Thathri ke bare hum barielly aayenge aur tumhari thathri bandhenge wahin se.”

Dhirendra Shashtri replied after getting death threats

Anas Ansari, the accused, actually lives in the Hafizganj police station area. Last Sunday, he vowed to kill Dhirendra Shastri on Instagram. Baba Ki Maut Mandra Rahi Hai,’ Anas wrote at one point in his threatening post. The accused was arrested after the police opened a case against him for injuring religious sensibilities, threatening, and violating the IT Act. In relation to this occurrence, Dhirendra Shastri’s statement has finally come to the fore. He stated this during a show in Baran, Rajasthan. – Koi Anas Ansari hai, unhone kaha hai ki baba ko jaan se maar denge jaise unke ghar ki kheti ho. Had hogayi yaar..thathri ke bare, hum bareilly aayenge bareiilly aur tumhari thathri bandhenge wahin par.”

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Dhirendra Shastri went on to say that if my death is written in your hand, we will accept it because keeping alive and murdering is God’s mission. We are Sanatan’s servants. But keep in mind that after that, my dear will die, but the topic of Sanatan, Hindu Rashtra, will not be forgotten. Let us see how many Dhirendra Krishnas you can annihilate.

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