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Car Buying Guide: Shifting from a small car to big SUV; keep THESE things in mind

Car Buying Guide: Getting a bigger car is such a thrill. You are now the road’s huge king However, how can you become accustomed to operating a larger vehicle quickly? When it comes to parking and judging distance, a ride with wider and taller proportions than you’re used to can present new difficulties. And that’s only the beginning. In this article, we will share with you a few tips you must know before you get a huge SUV.

Tips you must know about when shifting from a small car to an SUV

Know the features

Many of the cool safety features seen in newer cars are standard, such as blind spot monitoring that alerts you when a car is approaching or in your blind area. Though your heart will skip a beat if you aren’t aware of them, automatic emergency braking and rear cross-traffic warnings are undoubtedly there to help you too.

Many features have an on/off switch, so you can adjust them to suit your needs. Before driving it for the first time, customise it to meet your specific demands.

Get comfortable with the car

Play around and enjoy yourself while you figure out where things are and where you need to go. You don’t want to search for something while you’re driving and lose focus.

Bigger blind spots

Driving a larger car will undoubtedly make you aware of your increased blind zones immediately.
Take advantage of the modern yet basic tools and other features of your stylish vehicle, and start out slowly.

A parking and/or reversing camera is standard equipment on many larger vehicles. It will take some getting used to if it’s even a 360-degree one. Don’t resist it, even though at first it can seem counterintuitive. Utilise these technologies and features; they were created with your needs in mind and were aware of the limitations of the vehicle.

Know the size of your car

Take a test drive in a quiet or empty place to help you get adjusted to the new size and characteristics of your car. Practise parking, reversing, and locating your turning circle. You’ll have the self-assurance you need after reading this to ride your magnificent, large vehicle on the streets.

Always have car insurance

Whether we drive a larger car or not, accidents happen to the best of us. Invest in a comprehensive auto insurance policy for peace of mind. In this manner, you’ll be shielded from incidents that can be claimed, such as theft, fire, and accidents.

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