Car Care Tips: Car blower giving you headaches? Follow these things while using it this winter

Car Winter Tips: Do follow these tips to be safe while using your car's blower this winter

Car Winter Tips: The usage of car blowers is one issue that is sometimes disregarded in the many difficulties that winter presents for drivers. In order to guarantee your safety on icy roads, there are important factors to take into account, even though they are necessary for staying warm. In this article, we will share some very important tips with you that you must follow to keep yourself and your car safe this winter season.

Car Winter Tips: Tips to keep in mind while using your car’s blower

1. dont use the recirculation mode

Car windows should always be slightly open. The car’s windows are opened just enough to let in the fresh air. You can open and close the windows during the ride if you feel cold. In addition, during cold weather, we should keep the car’s air recirculation off. Leaving this on could result in low oxygen levels in the vehicle. Although the air recirculation button works well in the summer, using it in the winter could result in the car’s carbon dioxide and monoxide levels rising.

2. Keep your car ventilated

In an attempt to block out the cold, people frequently put on the blower and totally shut the windows of their cars. While this may temporarily shield them from the elements, it eventually makes them feel cooped up inside. To ensure airflow inside the automobile, avoid totally closing the windows or glass while operating the blower; instead, open the windows occasionally.

3. It eats up the oxygen in the car

Similar to how a prolonged use of the heater at home depletes oxygen, an extended use of the blower or heater in an automobile depletes oxygen as well and increases the risk of suffocating, which may even be fatal.

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