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Car Care Tips: Check out Simple Ways to Clean Your Car’s Air Filter

Here, we have informed you about 5 simple steps to clean your car's air filter. Check out all the tricks below.

Car Air filter

Car Care Tips: Generally, any vehicle consumes two feeds which is fuel and air. While the powerhouse of the car intakes fuel, cylinders intake air to get the best output on the go, but the dilemma is that these feeds go into to the mechanicals of car with dust and other impurities available in the environment. In this case, if you neglect or ignore cleaning your car’s engine, it can really prove harmful for your vehicle. If you are also facing the same issue, check out simple ways to your car’s air filter.

Recognize Your Car’s Air Filter

Car owners need to know what type of air filter is used in your car. However, the majority of automakers deploy a paper type air filter in their cars. But it is also possibe that your car uses a different type of air filter such as oil bath type, foam type and a high-performance filter. Paper type air filter comes with an engineered pleated paper.

Remove the Air filter

Firstly, you need to find or locate the air filter in your car. Generally, the air filter is placed inside a plastic air box placed on the top of the engine under the bonnet of the car. You can easily remove the air filter as it is very easy to access one you have located it.

Also Clean the Air Box

Cleaning just the air filter is not sufficient, you also need to clean the air box where the filter filament resides. You are suggested to clean the box with a soft cloth and make sure that nothing is left in the box. In case, if you have used a wet cloth for cleaning the box ensure that the filter box is dry before placing the filter back to its place.

Filter Cleaning

We suggest you clean the air filter with a vacuum cleaner and in case you don’t have one. You can wash it out by placing it in a bucket filled with water. You can also make use of a soap-like solution that removes all the dirt easily.

Reinstall the Filter back

After cleaning the filter, now you can place the filter back to its place. For this you need to repeat the same process as you opened it. You can avoid incurring a big amount for reparing you car’s engine by periodically repeating the same process.

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